How to slay distraction, sharpen focus, and achieve your goals

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Break free of these bad habits to be the writer of your dreams

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It’s not what you do

The most helpful guide ever to magazines and e-zines that will buy your short fiction now

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Consensus reality, tricks of the mind, and a reasonable hope for a better world

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Learn how to choose the best narrative viewpoint for your story

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Learn from your rejections and use them to inspire better writing

Put your ego aside and your writing first to get the most out of the editorial process

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Getting ready for an editorial critique

The best — and worst — ways to get professional feedback on your fiction and boost your chances of publication success

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Let’s start with the bad news

Learn how to free your child-like genius and write fresh, marketable work on demand

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Commerce vs. creativity

Use this advanced technique to add rhythm and power to your novel

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Austin Hackney

Austin is a professional writer and editor. Skeptical about everything else, he believes in kindness. Here, he shares sensible advice for serious writers.

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